UnitingCare Network Project Update

THE UnitingCare Network Project Control Group (PCG) has continued its work across specific areas over the last few weeks with structural and governance matters central to that work.

A structure discussion paper was subject to PCG feedback at its meeting on November 24.

This feedback has helped guide discussions with interstate UnitingCare CEOs who have overseen major structural change within their organisations.

Among the matters investigated in the draft report was the complexity involved in striking a balance between further specialisations and capitalising on local community connections.

It is anticipated that the PCG will further consider structural options which will best fulfil the relevant criteria at next week’s final meeting for the year.

From a strategy perspective a fundamental decision on structure must precede the detailed design of governance because governance is essentially about the means by which authority in a given structure is exercised and controlled.

The PCG has appointed an experienced external consultant to assist with the governance work.

Extensive planning work will continue in January and, as advised to the Board Forum on 13 November, the PCG expects to be able to make significant statements about structure, governance and transition timing by the end of February.

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