Antony McMullen says farewell

antonyANTONY McMullen has resigned from his position after two years as Director of the Creative Ministries Network (CMN).

Antony led CMN through a difficult period of change, including relocation from South Yarra to Armadale, a change in strategic direction, and the departure of long-term staff who had nurtured the agency for many years. During this time CMN secured funding for a creative arts peer-support program to assist veterans experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

CMN also secured philanthropic support for an innovative pilot project to provide grief support for families bereaved by a work-related death. During this time, CMN also increased its income generating capacity through piloting socially-focused enterprises in research and development and vocational supervision.

Chair of CMN, Rev. Paul Mayfield said, “The CMN Board acknowledges the endeavour Antony McMullen made over two years in transitioning our agency, with a particular vision and practice, into a more broadly recognised and funded enterprise. Antony’s attention to the theological foundations of faith in the work place and creativity in developing a Dignity at Work Foundation are noteworthy.”

Antony has worked with the Uniting Church in Australia for more than 10 years, starting as a Social Justice Officer in 2005, then Social Enterprise Catalyst (social enterprise consulting); and concluding with his Director role at CMN. Antony is pursuing his passion for cooperative entrepreneurship and is undertaking freelance policy and organisational development work.

Antony is keen to stay in touch with his former Uniting Church colleagues and friends and can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter @antonymcmullen. CMN is inspired to embody the gifts of reconciliation, justice and healing, through serving people, families and communities suffering work-related harm, and by supporting and developing creativity at work for the common good.

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